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Sembach - customized products made of technical ceramics.

From vision to reality

With Sembach, you are choosing a partner who will accompany your vision from the initial idea to the finished product with passion, expertise and individual advice. Discover our tailor-made technical ceramic solutions that drive industries forward worldwide.

Our Solutions

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Our experts will be pleased to advise you.

Are you interested in innovative technical ceramic solutions for your project? Contact us for individual advice tailored precisely to your requirements. We look forward to your inquiry!

A high-performance material with many advantages

Technical ceramics offer dimensional stability, high temperature and wear resistance, are corrosion-resistant and electrically insulating – all at a cost-effective price. Thanks to state-of-the-art production processes, technical ceramics refute prejudices such as “breaks easily” or “is too expensive” and often outperforms metal and plastic. At Sembach, we use the material with precise composition and optimal shaping processes for customized products in a wide range of industries, regardless of the quantity.

Electrical and thermal insulation

Very good wear and corrosion properties

Excellent temperature resistance

High to very high strengths

Cost-efficient and economical

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Become part of the Sembach team and shape the future with us

Discover the diverse career opportunities and additional benefits in our innovative family business and let us write success stories with technical ceramics together.


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From raw materials to products – everything from a single source.

At Sembach, we transform raw materials into high-quality technical ceramics using a carefully coordinated, seamless production process. With a machine park based on in-house developments and special shaping processes, we produce every component tailor-made. Whether in small or large series.

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Raw material

The origin of the highest quality: every end product manufactured at Sembach is based on first-class, carefully selected and tested raw materials.

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Ceramic materials are non-metallic inorganic materials. The specifications and requirement profiles of our customers can be ideally fulfilled with a wide range of different materials. At Sembach, competent engineers and technicians with a high level of experience ensure this.

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Perfection with precision: In addition to various production steps, the end products undergo strict quality controls to ensure that they optimally meet the specific requirements.

120 years of experience and passion

We have been experts in technical ceramics for five generations. In our family business, we combine progressive innovation with over a century of experience to offer the highest quality standards. Immerse yourself in our world, where excellence is a tradition.

Our company

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