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Ceramics in top form

The outstanding material properties of technical ceramics offer numerous advantages for industrial applications. However, the entire production process is very complex and can only be mastered with a great deal of experience. At Sembach, we use our decades of expertise to get the best out of these properties.

Production process of technical ceramics

Our production process for technical ceramics is a highly complex procedure that requires precision and decades of expertise. This is how we shape each part step by step to perfection.

At Sembach, we rely on carefully selected raw materials for our end products, because quality starts with the raw material. Our silicate ceramics are based on high-quality soapstone, a rock-forming mineral that is processed in a complex process. Our oxide ceramics are also obtained from so-called "synthetic raw materials" in the form of powders to ensure a high degree of purity.

Bild von Silikat

The preparation of our raw materials is a multi-stage process that comprises three main steps: Grinding, dewatering and optimizing. There are two classic methods for dewatering: either mechanically by filter pressing or thermally by spray drying. Finally, the pressed granulate made of soapstone or the oxide ceramic is optimized and conditioned, with parameters such as moisture content, bulk density and grain distribution being precisely adjusted. These steps ensure the first-class quality of our products throughout all subsequent production stages.

Our raw materials
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Sembach offers a variety of ceramic shaping processes, which are selected according to economic, technical and design aspects. From injection moulding to rapid prototyping, our processes enable the realization of the most sophisticated structures - in both small and large series. Precision and quality are always guaranteed. Thanks to the precise implementation of design specifications, our customized components meet your requirements. With four different shaping processes, Sembach offers optimal and efficient solutions for every project.

Discover shaping processes
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The thermal treatment of our ceramic components includes the stages of debinding (also known as pre-sintering) and sintering. Temperatures of up to 1,100 degrees Celsius are reached during debinding to gently remove organic binders and increase strength. The parts are then sintered at temperatures between 1,200 and 1,750 degrees Celsius. Our modern production facilities include high-temperature furnaces for oxide ceramics and chamber furnaces for sintering silicate ceramics. Particular attention is paid to temperature precision, the kiln atmosphere and highquality kiln furniture.


The final treatment of our ceramic components can vary depending on individual requirements. Ceramic components become linearly up to 30 % smaller during sintering. Due to this high shrinkage, it is not possible to achieve the tightest tolerances in production straight away. In hard machining, we can achieve a precision of up to 1/1000 mm using materials such as diamond, corundum and silicon carbide.

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Quality assurance and testing are top priorities at Sembach. We rely on strict controls and state-of-the-art procedures to ensure the highest standards. Every product is carefully checked to ensure that it meets our exacting quality requirements. In doing so, we go beyond common standards and known measuring equipment. We have extensive experience with various conveyor and inspection systems, with which we inspect up to 400 million parts every year. Both the mechanics and the control system are developed independently and tailored to individual items, taking into account the special features typical of ceramics. In addition, we also carry out manual sorting with 100% inspection for items with smaller quantities, which underlines our flexibility.

Endprodukt aus technischer Keramik

Flexibility and efficiency with a wide production range

Whether in small or large series, we shape every component precisely to ensure the highest quality. Tailor-made for integration into the respective technology. From the simplest to the most complex component.

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Individual construction

Involve us in your design process at an early stage: We manufacture prototypes for you or support you along the way. This shortens your development time and saves your budget.

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Own tool making

Our tools are manufactured in our own tool shop. This ensures production with a high degree of customization and automation.

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Own mechanical and plant engineering

In addition to Dorst pressing machines and Arburg injection molding machines, the machinery consists almost exclusively of Sembach’s own developments and products, from the molding processes to the integrated post-processing equipment.

Technical ceramics – a high-performance material with many advantages

Why technical ceramics? This high-performance material offers dimensional stability, high temperature and wear resistance, is corrosion-resistant and electrically insulating – all at a cost-effective price. Thanks to state-of-the-art production processes, technical ceramics refute prejudices such as “breaks easily” or “is too expensive” and often outperforms metal and plastic.

Electrical and thermal insulation

Very good wear and corrosion properties

Excellent temperature resistance

High to very high strengths

Cost-efficient and economical

Flexibility and efficiency thanks to a wide range of production:

ISO 9001:2015 Zertifikat

Certified quality

To ensure that all processes in the company and in contact with customers run smoothly, Sembach has been relying on management systems and independent certifications in the areas of quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and energy management for years.


Seamless perfection from a single source

At Sembach, we are not only experts in the field of ceramics, but much more! We are committed and experienced consultants who see ourselves not only as suppliers, but also as partners in process development.

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120 years of experience and passion

In our family business, we combine progressive innovation with over a century of experience to offer the highest quality standards. Immerse yourself in our world, where excellence is a tradition.