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Top ceramic performance for a wide range of industries

Technical ceramics from Sembach optimize and guarantee maximum performance in industry across all sectors - from energy technology and mechanical engineering to the household appliance and textile industries. Our ceramic solutions offer outstanding durability, efficiency and performance to bring your products to the forefront of innovation and reliability.

Advantages of technical ceramics in the industry

Electrical and thermal insulation

Wear/corrosion resistant

Dimensional stability and high hardness

High to very high strengths

Excellent temperature resistance

Less maintenance, more power

In many branches of industry, technical progress and safety are only possible thanks to components made of technical ceramics. Get to know the wide range of applications and use our expertise and solutions for your project.

Energy technology

Use in energy technology requires materials with high dimensional stability, electrical and thermal insulation and durability under high mechanical stress. From industrial systems to consumer appliances, indoors and outdoors, in small and large components, a wide range of applications are in demand.

Measurement, control, regulation

Technical ceramics are for applications with demanding safety standards. It remains unaffected by chemical or mechanical influences and ensures stable performance even at high temperatures. These properties make it a guarantee for durable and low-maintenance systems.

Domestic appliance industry

Many everyday appliances such as hairdryers, kettles, coffee machines and fan heaters only become functional through the installation of technical ceramics. This ceramic is primarily used as a heat-resistant and electrically insulating carrier in household appliances.

Machines and systems

Technical ceramics are versatile and are becoming increasingly popular. Benefit from a robust material with excellent electrical insulation, high corrosion resistance and outstanding wear resistance. This enables higher production output and reduces maintenance intervals. Technical ceramics significantly increase process reliability.

Textile machinery industry

The processing of threads, fibers and yarns in textile machines is associated with major challenges because the yarn passing through at high speed has an extremely abrasive effect on the thread guides and other contact elements. Technical ceramics are characterized by exceptional hardness, strength and a highly smooth surface and can therefore withstand this stress.


Technical ceramics from Sembach have proven to be an indispensable material in the aviation industry. The aerospace industry places particularly high demands on the materials used in its systems, which must function at all times. Here, technical ceramics offer a range of reliable properties, including high-temperature resistance, excellent electrical and thermal insulation, precision in production and a long service life.

Special applications

Sembach made its contribution to the successful “Rosetta” space mission in 2014 when it protected a sensitive measuring instrument from vibrations and shocks. The hollow carrier body of a detector in a gas analyzer was made of robust ceramic, which ensured undistorted signal transmission, even in space.

Excerpt of our products for the industry

Sensorschutz aus Aluminiumoxid
Rohr Pyrostat
Zahnrad Stehend Siliziumnitrid Industrie

Tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications

Technical ceramics offer an exceptional combination of durability, precision and reliability that is ideally suited to a wide range of demanding applications - whether for heat-resistant components in vehicle construction or biocompatible implants.


Ceramics from Sembach boost performance in the automotive industry. Corrosion and heat resistance as well as excellent friction and wear behavior contribute to more efficient vehicles.


Our ceramic offers outstanding corrosion resistance, wear resistance and biocompatibility - ideal for medical devices in direct contact with the body. You can rely on precision and safety.

Our industry experts are happy to advise you.

Are you interested in innovative technical ceramic solutions for your project? Contact us for individual advice tailored precisely to your requirements. We look forward to your inquiry!